Top 05 of the most excellent Poker game players in the world|en

Top 05 of the most excellent Poker game players in the world
[ 13-01-2017 ]

Top 05 of the most excellent Poker game players in the world

Being regarded as the King of card games, Poker have attracted attention of many experienced players. Some of them are the excellent as well as famous all over the world. With the great techniques and specific playing styles, top Poker players as followings is always the spotlight whenever appearing.

Antonio Esfandiari

The first place in the ranking is belonged to Antonio Esfandiari. He is the champion of the international Poker competition and Poker Tour Championship. This young man has achieved an enviable reputation thanks to his perfect skills in the Poker.

Never being afraid of losing is one of his experiences of playing cards. Therefore, when joining the Championship, he always prepares a convenient spirit, do not worry about money. Another pinnacle technique of Antonio is to control cards. People call him with a prestigious nickname of the magician.

Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel did not a nice past before entering the professional Poker. He was a gambling addict. And it took eight years to escape from spiral of that pointless game. With the quick judgment and his intelligence, Erik took a step into the stock market and got a great success. However, it seems that his fate with cards has not stopped. So, he kept moving into the world of Poker game. He possesses a remarkable achievement for 7 consecutive wins in the World Series of Poker Championship.

Sam Trickett

Sam Trickett started with Poker gaming in 2005 and quickly achieved much success. When he was a child, Sam Trickett dreamed to become a professional soccer player. But then he was attracted by Poker and become a famous player. He was always fascinated the audience with his quick and sharp playing style. With a smile always on his lips, he always made people, especially women feel comfortable and happy. In the future, he has a lot of opportunities to grow as his current age is very young.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is regarded as a phenomenon that has strong influence in the world of poker online. He is the idol of so many players in this game. He started playing the game since very early and had to make a very difficult decision to leave school. That is the secret practice of their own poker playing cards. Currently, he has collected 04 medals for his World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour 02 titles and more than 30 awards at major tournaments around the world.

Philip Helmuth

This is a best poker players ever in the online poker gaming system. His name is par with famous baseball player such as Michael Jordan or even Tiger Woods celebrated golfers. He is also the youngest person ever to win Seven - Card Stud High - Low.

The top 05 we mentioned above includes the best Poker players all over the world. They have succeeded thanks to awesome techniques. It is good for you to follow their tournaments and learn from their experiences. Good luck!