[ 09-01-2017 ]


Mas8 online casino is a famous location for all gamblers in Singapore and Malaysia coming to enjoy and bet on slots and casino game. The highest target of players is to win the bet and receive as much rewards as possible. Before playing unique and interesting game at Mas8, you must open an account with personal information and account information. After that stage, you have to put money into your Mas8 account to have capital for making deposit into games. We have instructed clearly how to add money to your account through bank transfer, you can see again to grasp essentials. In this post, we will show you the phases how to withdraw at Mas8 casino.

Withdraw is one of the necessary demand of gamblers as playing and betting on gambling, so most online casino provide and guide players on their website the way to withdraw online easily and rapidly only after some single steps and clicks. At Mas8, you will follow steps below to withdraw from your account.

STEP 1: Log in your Mas8 account. You can make reference how to register a new account in the previous article. After you signing in, the below appearance of online casino will appear.

STEP 2: At the top of home page of Mas8, you will choose ‘Withdraw’ by clicking on it.

STEP 3: After clicking on Withdraw, a page with required information will appear. All you need to implement at this stage is that you will complete missing information and type the amount you need to withdraw. Do not forget to check whether available information is right or not.

STEP 4: You are going click to ‘Submit’ the above information to confirm you completed. You need to pay attention to read carefully the regulations for withdrawing for RM or SGD members.                                                                               

STEP 5: The amount you would like to draw will be transfer to you bank account, and you can withdraw anytime you need.

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With the above steps, you will not worry about being impossible to withdraw at Mas8 as playing casino games. Mas8 always ensure the security and convenience in all transactions of players, so your rewards will paid accurately as soon as ending the play.

Coming to the gambling address Mas8 to take part in many different amazing games to win the incredible prize. Wish you will be lucky and have wonderful time here.