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    The best cockfight betting online in Malaysia

    Cockfight is one of the most common betting games in the world today. It is considered as a brutal and bloody sport between roosters to fight or kill others to become winners. If you are interested in the thrilling betting Cockfight, Mas8 is leading site in Malaysia that offers you both traditional cockfight, cockfight online and even live cockfight. Enjoy now!

    Traditional cockfight vs online cockfight at Mas8

    In many years before, cockfight is considered as a street game between 2 roosters (cocks). The cockfighting often organized in a ring which is called a cockpit and people stand around to watch and cheer. Nowadays, with the development of internet, people all over the world can participate in a cockfighting easily at online casino sites. At Mas8, you can watch and bet on cockfight at all time with the help of internet. We also offer live cockfight with crowed environment together with interesting supports like huge bonus to bring the best betting experience for gamblers. If you are new to cockfight, don’t worry, Mas8 also offer free trial play which help you familiarize with our cockfight options.

    Who wins at betting Cockfight

    With online cockfight today, it is not necessary to kill other cock to become winner. To be winners at cockfight betting online in Malaysia, the cock you bet on have to be in one of three following cases. Firstly, if one of the cocks dies, the other is the winner, secondly, if the time finish and there is no cock as loser as terms, the cocks are allowed to take 2 pecks. If any cock runs away first, the other will be declared as the winner, thirdly, if two cocks still alive but are not strong enough to fight any more, they will peck each other until there is a cock cannot peck anymore, the others will be the winner. Sign up as MAS8members today to get crazy support and enjoy the best cockfight betting online in Malaysia!

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